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Don & Todd's Twisted Film Festival

. . . truly bent balloons

"You two behave yourselves!"
- Stephanie Lingafelter, formerly of Balloon Magic Magazine

News Flash!

Hi everyone- My wife is forcing me to take a *gasp* non-balloon vacation! I have absolutely no idea what to pack for such a strange adventure, but I'm told no Swifty Bag with my whole palette is allowed on the plane.

I think she got me drunk and booked the flights, which is the sort of thing that women do to me all of the time.

Oh well.

I'll be gone on Feb 7th. That means that the deadline for Don & Todd's Twisted Film Festival is extended to Tuesday, February 12th.

Note that you can submit films for us to show at the FilmFest until the day of the show, but if it's not here by Feb 12th then we cannot judge them. If you have any questions call or email me as soon as possible. My phone and internet usage will be monitored during my vacation . . . .

See everyone sooooon, -Todd


Hey Movie Moguls!

Bust out your balloon bag and your video camera kids.  This year the Twist & Shout Balloon Convention is once again the home of Don & Todd's Twisted Film Festival.  Submit your short film about balloon twisting and you could win $500 in cash!

The top submissions will be featured during a special late-night film festival hosted by Todd Neufeld and Don Caldwell on Friday night. The winner will be announced during the Twist & Shout final night banquet on Saturday, where they will receive their Balloon Oscar along with $500 cash and a free registration to Twist & Shout 2009!


Want to see what all of the excitement is about? Here is a little summary of the goodies from '06


Montage running time is 3:30. Lovingly made by Tim Bayer