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Todd & Don's Twisted Film Festival

. . . truly bent balloons

Frequently Asked Questions

None yet.

Everyone is too busy to ask anything. Or maybe they think we're too dum to answer.

These just in:

Q: My movie length is 5:05, but is really good. Can I still submit it?

A: The time limit is 4:37. If it's really good we might show the first 4:37 of it, but I think you will be ridiculed for having a film with no ending. And you won't be eligible to win.


Q: My film was shot at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club. Is that okay?

A: Yes, send two copies! (I hope it's PG-113. )


Q: I'm not coming to Twist & Shout. Can I still enter?

A: Yes. The rules clearly allow you to enter, you just are not eligible to win a prize.


Q: Do I lose all rights to my movie if I send it to you?

A: No, of course not. You just give us the right to do whatever we want with it. If you can sell it to a producer for gobs of money, go ahead. We just don't want you complaining when we take 30-seconds of your film for a video montage or something like that.


Q: Did you really disqualify a movie?

A: Yes. It would have offended some nice people in our audience. We laughed our tushies off.


Q: Can I have a copy?

A: No.


Q: Are Todd and Don really paying for this out of their own pockets?

A: Yes.


Q: Why are you doing this Twisted Film Festival?

A: We have no life and hope to make friends this way.


Q: How do we contact Don or Todd?

A: Don can be found at donatballoonhqdotcom, and Todd can be found at toddatballoonshowdotcom.


Q: Who is making those awesome tye-dye twisty balloons?

A: Scott Tripp. And they are called "agate" by those in the balloon biz. And note that the mark "awesome" as it relates to a balloon is reserved by Ken Stillman.