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Todd & Don's Twisted Film Festival

. . . truly bent balloons

Todd & Don's Twisted Film Festival, 2006

Congratulations to Guido Verhoef for winning First Prize for his film,Dog Tired.


We were amazed and entertained by the excellent and creative entrants. Here is a list of the artists (in random order) who contributed. We thank you very much :
Artist Title of Film
Guido Verhoef
Dog Tired
Brian Asman T. G. M.
Rob Balchunas Balloon Man
Joel Klein Blow Job
Sheree Brown-Rosner

Gingerly we go | Art? or NOT?

Jerry McDonald Let It All Hang Out
Bidou & Sylvain Super Balloon Man - The Fight
Steve Jones & Mandy McClain Special Report
Randy Parker Charlie The Chimp in King Charlie
S. Frank Stringham "POP" Song
Tim Bayer Flying an Octopus (summary)
Zakari Asiago Man's Best Friend
Smarty Pants A Twister's Tale