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Todd & Don's Twisted Film Festival

. . . truly bent balloons

Links We Like

The greatest thing to happen to latex (or foil) since Neil Tillotson sold cat-face balloons in Boston in 1933.
Twist & Shout
The legendary balloon twisting convention, held all over the USA in mid-February. It is famous for being the current host of Todd & Don's Twisted Film Festival.
Diamond Jam
Ed Chee's balloon convention in Phoenix, AZ in mid-January.
NY Twisters
Free balloon jams in New York City. A place to share, learn, hang out, etc.
Dewey' Good News Balloons
Because Ralph Dewey rules. His books and creations changed everything that we do. In a good way.
Balloon Magic Magazine
Because it's the only magazine for balloon twisters. There really isn't anything on the site, so you're better off checking out the list of back issues on T Myer's Magic here.
ACME Balloons
The best source for quality balloon twisting on the West Coast. One of the sponsors of the filmfest. And supporters of Tupac.
The Twisted Balloon Company
The best source for quality balloon twisting on the East Coast. One of the sponsors of the filmfest. And supporters of Biggie.
Balloon Manor
Quite possibly the second most important balloon twisting event in the history of the world (after this filmfest, of course). Imagine some of the best artists making some of the coolest and scariest balloons. Yep, it's that cool.
Dale's Forum
Magical Balloon Dude Dale has had one of the best balloon sites on the web for the past few years. Lately his forum has been popular. Go there and promote the filmfest.
Captain Visual
In the mid-1990's, Captain Visual published a couple of amazing books. He taught the industry the basics of balloon cartoon design, and along the way wrote the best instructional books around. They still are. Sadly, they are out of print, but we're linking to the books anyway. Sucks for you that you can't buy one.
David Grist
We like to ask, "WWDT?" We miss him every day.
Balloon Hat: The Movie
Addi Somech and Charlie Eckert traveled the world making balloon hats. Now they have a full-length movie about their trip. Go support them.


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