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Don & Todd's Twisted Film Festival

. . . truly bent balloons

Entry Rules

  1. Anyone in the world is eligible to submit films for Todd & Don's Twisted Film Festival (hereinafter, "TFF").
  2. Only fully registered delegates, staff, and instructors of Twist & Shout 2008 are eligible to actually win unless you buy a convention registration.
  3. Submissions must be no longer than 4 minutes and 37 seconds long.
  4. Submissions must be rated PG-13 or less.  That means "Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13." Anything that could not be shown on network television or would get Howard Stern fined will not be considered for TFF (but Todd and Don will still watch it and probably laugh a lot).
  5. All films must be entertaining (duh).  Any boring entries will be immediately eliminated and the creator will be ridiculed.
  6. Only one entry per contestant will be eligible for TFF.  If you send us multiple entries, we will choose the one we like best, and the rest will be used as drink coasters. And you will be ridiculed.
  7.  All films must be about balloons, the balloon industry, balloon twisting, or be somehow balloon-related (duh again).  Non-balloon related videos will be eliminated. And you will be ridiculed.
  8. All films must be submitted on a DVD, and must be received no later than February 7th 2008.  Entries must be sent to:
             Todd Neufeld
             49 Carroll Street
             Brooklyn, NY 11231-1301
  9. One winner will be determined by a committee consisting of Todd Neufeld, Don Caldwell, and a small group of their most twisted friends.  Committee members are not eligible to win a prize at TFF.
  10. There is no entry fee, but bribes in the forms of goods and services offered to Todd and Don will be accepted.  Cash bribes will not be accepted because that would be wrong (wink wink).
  11. Todd Neufeld and Don Caldwell have the right to use all entries in TFF for whatever nefarious plots and schemes they might hatch including but not limited to a DVD of all the top films from which they will reap huge profits and you will get nothing.  Submission discs will not be returned and may be used by Don and or Todd as drink coasters or written over to record episodes of The Family Guy.  Anonymous entries are allowed, but if one wins Don & Todd will split the prize money and spend it on fast women and fast cars, minus the cost of buying Patty Sorell her very own hot Latin house boy.
  12. All entries must be submitted with an entry form.
  13. Todd Neufeld & Don Caldwell are the final arbiter of these rules and all decisions relating to TFF. Winners will be rewarded. Whiners will be ridiculed.
  14. Oh yeah, you have to actually own the rights to the film you are entering. You can't steal someone else's movie and try to pass that off as yours. You will be arrested. And ridiculed.